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Oregon Litigation and Arbitration Reports


Case No. 9306-03921

Jury Trial Date: April 27, 1994

Date of Publication: July, 1994


RESULT: PLAINTIFF VERDICT for $ 20,074.61. (No new trial presently pending.)

INJURY: Fractured olecranon of left arm.

SPECIALS: Med. $ 1,011.61; Lost Wages $ 1,100.

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Multnomah

TRIAL JUDGE: Hon. Ellen F. Rosenblum.

PLAINTIFF ATTORNEY(S): Michael H. Bloom (Portland).

DEFENDANT ATTORNEY(S): Timothy J. Coleman of Cosgrave, Vergeer & Kester (Portland).

SUMMARY: 2/28/93 – Plff, male age 24, hair stylist. Plff contended that while bicycling on N.W. Skyline Road, he was run off the road by a brown pickup truck, and that after impact, the truck continued down the road. Plff reported to the police that a brown pickup had run him off the road and if there were any damage, it was to the pickup’s passenger sideview mirror. Ten days after the accident, Plff saw Def.’s vehicle and identified it as the vehicle that ran him off the road. Def. contended his pickup was the wrong vehicle because it was reddish color and had no sideview mirror.

PLAINTIFF MEDICAL EXPERT(S): Michael Baskin MD (Orthopedist) Portland; Steven Urman MD (Diagnostic Radiologist) Tualatin.

DEFENDANT MEDICAL EXPERT(S): Donald Peterson MD (Orthopedist) Hillsboro.

OFFER: $ 7,500 at start of trial. Def. asked jury for defense verdict or, in the alternative, $ 500-$ 1,500.

DEMAND: $ 17,500. Plff asked jury for $ 75,000.

TRIAL-TIME: 2-day trial